Manage your brand with a Digital Asset Management system

Digital Asset Management gives marketers everything they need for consistent branding. A DAM system contains the brand guidelines, a media library containing all the brand's assets and a workflow module where all marketing publications can be monitored before they are published.

What is brand management?

Brand management consists of the organization, storage and retrieval of important branding information. The goal is to communicate according to the brand guidelines and standards, therefore protecting the brand’s identity.

Your brand identity is important as it helps to create recognition and positive associations among your customers. It also sets you apart from your competitors. 

Manage your brand with a DAM

Implementing a DAM helps you to structure your digital assets as  it operates as a ‘single source of truth’, making managing your assets more easier. But what are best practices of working with digital asset management systems? We can showcase the power of a DAM by presenting an example of Debuut.

Debuut is an organisation behind different concepts of restaurants, cafes and bars throughout The Netherlands. Currently, Debuut owns 18 restaurants, all with a unique brand identity and their own brand guidelines.

With Social Media becoming increasingly important in attracting and retaining customers, Debuut noticed a lack of efficiency when it came to finding, creating and sharing content. Debuut looked for a solution which would enable them to easily find, create and share content, while ensuring brand guidelines and consistency are met.

The main issues of Debuut before  they decided to work with a DAM system were:

  • All marketing materials were spread across different cloud solutions as they didn't have a way to structure their content;
  • By working with different designers, they had a lot of versions of the same document and no way to tell which was the latest version;
  • They needed an easy way to manage and share marketing materials with the different restaurants, without the need to upload and download the content on local drives;
  • They needed a solution to make their brand guidelines accessible to everyone.

Since Debuut started using a DAM system, they’ve noticed an increase in efficiency. Debuut no longer needs to search through different drives and storage spaces. They know all of their content can be found in their DAM system. 

They've also added brand guidelines of their restaurants to Lytho. Designers can use these guidelines when creating new print publications or content for Social Media. They always have access to the correct logos and fonts, ensuring brand consistency with every image, publication and created content.


Share collections of assets with externals


Stylize your portal to your brand


Find your assets more easily with tags


Single Source of Truth with Brand Guidelines

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