Brand Management Solution for Operations

Operations bring structure to a company and make sure that there is consistency and efficiency in the way everyone works. They are looking for tools that fit in the company seamlessly, are easy to implement, and bring in concrete benefits. See how Lytho’s Brand Management Solution can solve your troubles by streamlining brand operations, automating the unnecessary, and boosting consistency.

“People send files through unofficial channels.”

Solution: You know your colleagues send images, sensitive presentations and even more sensitive quotes and offers through email, WeTransfer, different drives, etc., which are not as secure or organized as they should be. Lytho’s Digital Asset Management module was created to be your single source of truth for all content. It’s cloud-based, allows sharing internally and externally, and supports complex user rights. Most importantly, it’s incredibly secure.

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“We have a hard time getting our users to adopt new tools.”

Solution: Over 70% of big projects fail, one of the main reasons is people simply don’t do what you'd like them to do. We are naturally resistant to change our ways and learn new tools, even if we know that they will ultimately be better. The only way around this is to implement solutions that are so intuitive to use they require no training. Lytho doesn’t only solve your company’s needs for storing, sharing, creating and publishing content. It does it so smoothly that your people will enjoy using it from day 1.

“Our tools are siloed.”

Solution: You want to build an environment where every solution has a place, there are no overlapping systems, and everything works seamlessly with the rest of the package. We get it. Lytho was built to work together with everything you already use. We offer advanced integrations with the most popular software and are working towards a world where no one has to download anything on their hard drive.

“Our processes are inefficient.”

Solution: By using a Brand Management Solution that is easy, loved by users, and built to fight inefficiencies, your company can get back 70% of the time spent looking for files, sharing, rendering, and publishing content, and recreating lost visuals.

Why Lytho is the #1 choice for operations

We are the most innovative and user-friendliest Brand Management Solution in the market.

  • Store, share, and create all your things in one cloud-based solution — no more duplicates, no more missing files.
  • Let the whole team whip up on-brand content with software that is so easy to use it requires no training.
  • Rest easy knowing that your colleagues are sharing content through a secure system.
  • Integrations with all the software in your environment.
  • Implementation time is days, not months.
  • Open API.

“Lytho has enabled us to centralize all our assets so that our Headquarters have a reliable overview of what is going on in different regions. We are saving a lot of time and energy now that our content operations are streamlined and efficient.” 

- Nel Meinderts from KIWA

“We are happy with Lytho because they deliver what they promise. We are excited to grow with them and recommend that all companies that are looking for an easy solution for storing and sharing content with colleagues and distributors also check out Lytho.”

- Josephine Petruccelli from Segway

“Lytho is a valuable partner for scaling our content efficiently and organizing our digital assets.” 

- Brand Manager at Ava

“Implementing Lytho has been easier than we ever imagined. Everything is going smoothly; our requests are being handled on time and our account manager has been a great help every step of the way.” 

- Kevin Baltruweit from Lavazza