How to manage a brand 

3 modules | 17 lessons  


This course is video-based and it comes with exercises and templates to help you manage a brand in the most optimal and efficient way. This is an intermediate course for professionals that know the basics and want practical advice to maximize their impact.


  • Module 1: Brand Management. Learn how to improve aspects of brand management across all channels and regions, while working remotely or on location, with both colleagues and external partners and agencies.
  • Module 2: Branded Content. Find out why branding and content depend on one another, how branding impacts social media and workflow management and how to strategically manage content.
  • Module 3: Managing Branded AssetsGet all the tips and tricks for eliminating brand inconsistencies and inefficiencies and learn how and why you should prioritize creating a plan for storing, managing and sharing your branded content.

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Why marketers and brand managers choose Lytho 

Lytho clients

More than 30 years of experience in tech and leading companies trusting Lytho

Get the most out of your brand and the best out of your people. The roots of Lytho were planted over 30 years ago, when we started as a small group of enthusiastic pioneers in brand management, design, and marketing. We grew our foothold in database publishing through building strong relationships with our customers and our partnership with Adobe.

To achieve this, we are continuing the legacy we started with Adobe’s Creative Cloud: building strong, easy-to-implement integrations with all the platforms and tools that you already love and use. Lytho is built to be connected to your larger
organization and strategy.

Ultimately, we believe that everyone who uses images, creates presentations, or sends emails with your brand logo on them should be able to effortlessly deliver on-brand content. That is why we want to connect all your stakeholders to your brand.

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