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Effortlessly Create + Publish with Lytho’s Powerful Platform

Minimize the low-level work others route to your highly-skilled designers by empowering all stakeholders to participate in the content generation process. All you need is to use Lytho’s self-serve Create + Publish templating solution. With it, you can lock down template fields to ensure brand adherence and consistency across the entire organization. Then, you have control of whether to allow copy updates or not and who can perform them. Our tool also lets you decide the colors others can apply to creative assets and the image elements they can change. You can even tweak export settings – and this is only the beginning!

Creating new assets takes very little time and effort, and everyone can use it. We have designed our Brand Asset Management solution in a way that it is intuitive to use and can be accessed by all. You can use it to create standalone assets or multiple pieces and versions of collateral for entire campaigns. And should you have any questions or need assistance with any of the above, our team of Customer Experience Managers is always there to help you out.

Setting boundaries for your stakeholders allows them to easily update and publish assets that stay on brand. They can do so without engaging the marketing and creative staff, which frees up time for your team to work on new strategic and impactful projects.

Create + Publish Key Features:
  • Intuitive experience for stakeholders
  • Unlimited number of predefined templates for brand consistency
  • Complete control by creative team
  • Built with Adobe InDesign infrastructure

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