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    • We know your creative ops team is most effective when you’re able to provide and prove true value to the rest of the organization – and the stakeholders you serve! So, which creative operations strategies do you use to empower your stakeholders to adopt the processes that lead to success?
    • Join Vice President of Customer Experience, Brittany Pais, and Customer Success Manager, Hannah Hedrick, to learn the tactics we’ve seen our most effective creative ops teams leverage to power their brands, deliver value, and partner with the most difficult stakeholders along the way.

We will discuss:

  • Common challenges when working with your stakeholders
  • Different approaches to serving your stakeholders
  • How to optimize your Creative Operations to work for your stakeholders


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Friday, February 24th


11am ET

Meet the Speakers

Brittany Pais

VP of Customer Experience for Lytho


Hannah Hedrick

Customer Success Manager for Lytho


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