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Online Proofing Software

Stop endless feedback loops, bottlenecks, and revisions with streamlined collaboration and approvals.


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Approvals Aligned with Team Needs

Creative design approvals are no longer a bottleneck with the ability to create steps aligned with your processes.

  • Specify whose approval is needed and in which order.
  • Choose if a reviewer’s approval is essential or non-essential.
  • Expedite routing with easy-to-use, customizable templates based on department, type of asset, and more.

Give Clear, Precise Feedback

Deliver clearer, more actionable feedback in real time.

  • Intuitive drawing, text, and canvas tools at your fingertips for crystal clear feedback.
  • Use the @mention tag feature to clearly communicate who your feedback is for.
  • Reviewers have more context as designers create specific instructions.

Provide an Audit Trail

No more digging through emails or other messages; see all of your creative review feedback located in one place.

  • Always know who provided which feedback by streamlining all of it within Lytho.
  • Built-in version control ensures everyone is on the same page, and verify edits with side-by-side comparisons.
  • Gain clearer insights on the work your team is doing with Lytho’s reporting functionality.

Here’s what people are saying about Lytho

The collaboration within the proofing is fantastic. This allows for all the communication to remain in one place. ”

Stacy M

Stacy M

Marketing Project Manager

Most helpful features include the ability to customize workflow, view team member bandwidth, report metrics, and serve as a project repository”

Bill M

Production Director

The dashboard is incredibly helpful by giving a quick overview of project status, reviews, and more.”

Angela K

Web Designer

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Tame Creative Chaos

Centralize brand assets, manage priorities and workloads like never before, and reduce approval lag. Book time to learn why brand and creative teams trust Lytho.

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  • Our online proofing software reduces approval times and constant changes
  • Centralize brand assets
  • Manage priorities and workloads


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