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Get to know Lytho

Let’s have a short meeting to see where our Creative Operations Platform fits your needs.

We know exactly how it goes, you never create the perfect piece on the first try. Call it a sketch, wireframe, whiteboard, mock-up, mechanical, blueline – it’s all a rough draft to work out the details.

In that spirit, we have a simple option called a “Rough Draft Meeting“, let’s get on the phone or a video chat and go over your daily process frustrations all the way up to the errors that can cost thousands of dollars.

Lytho’s Creative Operations Platform is the only one of its kind – built by creative minds for other creative minds.

Too many other tools available do a reasonable job addressing the issues, but Lytho is the perfect solution – think of it as using scissors versus an X-Acto knife. We’re precise, sharp, and able to cover the small details of the job.

Give us about 15 minutes and let’s sketch-out what would be an ideal fit for you and your department.

Tame Creative Chaos

Centralize brand assets, manage priorities and workloads like never before, and reduce approval lag. Book time to learn why brand and creative teams trust Lytho.

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Let’s Brainstorm!

  • What are you using now?
  • Do you have a shrinking or growing team?
  • How much time and money do you lose on inefficient processes?
  • What does your ideal solution look like?