Creative Operations for Retail & CPG Teams

Deliver high-quality campaigns to market faster with a robust all-in-one platform

Powerful functionality built specifically for the needs of creative and marketing teams in the Retail & CPG industries.

Streamline Creative Approval Process

With Lytho’s Creative Operations Platform, teams can streamline their creative approval process and ensure that all stakeholders are able to review and approve marketing materials quickly and efficiently. This ensures all assets are high-quality and on brand.

Automate Asset Management

Easily manage creative assets, such as images, logos, videos, and other digital files. This reduces the time and cost associated with manually searching for and uploading duplicate assets.

Create Consistent Brand Experiences

With Lytho’s Creative Operations Platform, teams can create a brand experience that is consistent across all channels. This ensures that all asset are aligned to brand standards and guidelines before hitting the market.

Hear what Retail & CPG retailers are saying about Lytho’s Creative Operations Platform

The hardest part of project management is pulling together all the separate people working on the project and aligning to the end goal. Lytho gives us the entire scope of the project in one place.”


Graphic Designer

Lytho gives us the ability to adjust projects "on the fly" - meaning if an original request has new information or changes after launch the project doesn't need to be restarted. Flexibility is key for quick retail campaigns.”


Sr. Creative Manager

The routing of approval status and infinite storage to keep records of projects, deliverables, and comments has been a game-changer for our workflow and report.”


Marketing Manager

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