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Automate your Creative Production with Lytho Tempo

Say goodbye to creating version after version of what you thought was the final file. Instead, empower your colleagues, stakeholders, and clients to create their own content with Lytho Tempo’s easy-to-use and always-on-brand Smart Templates. With Tempo, your team can deliver quality content quickly and in high volume without draining creative resources.


Producing creative content requires manual labor, takes time, and is error prone – all of which are expensive.


Lytho Tempo simplifies the process. Regardless of level of design experience, our Smart Templates allow users to create the custom assets as soon as they need them, taking content to market faster.

The demand for quick creativity is increasing.

Tempo keeps you on pace.


Consumers behavior requires marketing teams to create custom content quickly. Most teams can’t keep up, so they turn to Lytho Tempo to automate and accelerate content creation. Tempo brings together design and intelligence to deliver ample creative assets quickly.


A single Smart Template can automatically generate tens, hundreds, even thousands of variants that are needed to satisfy your complex operations. Furthermore, Smart Templates account for variables like different formats, languages, products, markets, agents, or customers – saving your in-house team a huge amount of time and eliminating a lot of boring, repetitive grunt work.

Pairing with Lytho DAM


Control is key to successfully incorporating a creative automation solution like Tempo into your MarComm ecosystem.


Pairing Tempo with your Lytho DAM ensures the right assets are available to the right people at the right time while maintaining a single source of truth. Lytho DAM plus Tempo means your stakeholders have access to all the creative content they need when they need it.

With Smart Templates the American Cancer Society…

Reduced its variant job requests

by an incredible 94%.

At one time, they were spending more than 2000 hours on one-off job requests.

Smart Templates drove that number down to just 117 hours.

Just 7 templates have replaced 400 PDFs in the DAM generating an incredible 630 customizations in only two months.

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