“It’s been our lifeline — streamlining every project; knowing where everything is. Everything is transparent. We can see where everything is at any given time. Everything is just in one space.” — Laurie Atanasio, Creative Manager, Henry Schein

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Lyt Website Solutions Healthcare Creative Project Management

Creative Project Management

Eliminate distractions and busy work to better focus on creating assets that deliver results and meet industry regulations.

Streamline processes to set your team up for success with custom, automated workflows. Lytho’s creative workflow engine help you maximize output by considering factors that impact your team’s ability to complete their work on time, such as: priorities, availability, workflow, level of effort, and specializations. Say hello to:

  • Project templates for fast project setup
  • Resource management to monitor capacity
  • Level of effort to set expectations
  • Dependencies/Blockers to maintain order

Online Proofing

Bring in the right people at the right time to collaborate and sign off on work in a safe environment.

Lytho’s Review & Approval is your area to wrangle the peanut gallery. Easily collect and resolve feedback straight away and create an audit trail to protect your team and your business. Say hello to:

  • Real-time collaboration for shorter review cycles
  • Centralized feedback for transparency and accountability
  • Customized routes to control who sees what and when
  • Version control to double-check work
  • Automated notifications to keep reviews on schedule
Lyt Website Solutions Healthcare Online Proofing
Lyt Website Solutions Healthcare Create At Scale

Create at Scale

Improve efficiency and prevent creative burnout by automating creative production with design and document templates.

Empower your colleagues, stakeholders, and clients to create their own content with Lytho Tempo’s easy-to-use and always-on-brand Smart Templates. With Tempo, others can quickly produce quality content assets to free up your creative resources for other initiatives.

  • Scale the volume of content to meet growing market demand
  • Produce assets faster without needing extra creative resources
  • Enforce brand guidelines and prevent compliance errors with pre-approved templates
  • Remove repetitive versioning from designers’ to-do lists to make space for more strategic work

Digital Asset Management

No more paper release forms lost in a filing cabinet. No more worrying about assets ending up in the wrong hands. And no more wasted time clicking through nested folders to find the right file. Smart tags save time by helping users locate assets quickly, and permission settings minimize brand risk by giving you control over who sees what is in the DAM. Speaking of protection, quitclaims manage assets with usage rights and consent requirements to ensure they’re used appropriately every time.

  • Digital rights management tools satisfy compliance needs
  • Store sensitive, confidential assets with confidence
  • Tagging and taxonomy make assets easy to find and deploy for maximum impact
  • Version control ensures only the most recent assets are deployed
Lyt Website Solutions Healthcare Dam
Lyt Website Solutions Healthcare Digital Asset Tracking

Digital Asset Tracking

Minimize risks like fines and lost business surrounding the misuse of assets with Lytho Tracks‘ digital fingerprints.

Knowing how, when, and where assets are used ensures compliance, keeps messaging current, and uncovers new marketing opportunities. Tracks digitally fingerprints assets in the Lytho DAM so that they can be traced around the internet — even if they’re re-shared after being downloaded, screenshotted, or cropped. When it’s time to act, like when a patient consent form expires or regulations change, assets are easy to find and recall.

  • Maintain compliance and avoid legal issues by preventing unauthorized use of images with consent requirements
  • Ensure target audiences only see fresh, relevant content that inspires action
  • Stay ahead of the competition and organically expand your business by discovering new markets

Brand Management

Share brand guidelines and information through your own intra-web.

Brand Center empowers your organization to truly own its brand(s). You can easily achieve this when you host your brand guidelines in our Brand Center. This is an easy and fast way to provide your stakeholders with accessible and up-to-date brand standards. Now you can be confident that the right logos, fonts, and other brand elements will be available to and respected by your teams.

  • Easily create brand-aligned content to share
  • Promote brand advocacy and loyalty
  • Protect your brand’s reputation
  • Create as many as you need to support multiple brands, locations, product lines, etc.
Lyt Website Solutions Healthcare Brand Management

Tailored to Meet the Needs of Healthcare Marketing.

Compliance Made Easy.

Securely manage and share assets while staying compliant with industry regulations like HIPAA. Our platform ensures that your content is both accessible and protected.

Enhanced Collaboration.

Facilitate seamless collaboration access marketing teams and external partners. Our tools help you maintain control with centralized approval processes and clear communication channels.

Optimized Asset Utilization.

Our intelligent asset manager system helps you track performance and reuse the most effective content, reducing redundancy and increasing ROI.

Scalable Solutions.

Whether. you're a small clinic or a larger healthcare system, our platform scales with your needs. Manage everything from a few hundred to several thousand assets with ease.

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