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Easy for Stakeholders.
Flexible for Creative Teams.

Imagine a world where stakeholders can easily track the progress of their requests, provide feedback on proofs, and even create their own on-brand deliverables all in one place. A world where creative teams set realistic timelines with their stakeholders, create space for inspiration, and spend less time on mundane work, like scheduling kick-off meetings or deciphering the stakeholder’s handwriting on the blueline proof.

That world is Lytho, pronounced like typo – the error we want to help you avoid.

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Concept to completion
without the confusion

Flexible software that provides support for every stage of content creation.

Benefits include:

  • Automated management of work, resources, review routes and timelines
  • Build-your-own dynamic request forms
  • Canned and custom reporting benchmarks
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One stop shop.
Manage your creative process in one place.

Never, ever search through emails, instant messages, memories or, heaven forbid, text messages for project details. That ends now. Lytho helps you set boundaries, and rule no. 2 is, “If it didn’t happen in Lytho, it didn’t happen at all.” Rule no. 1 is, “Avoid Comic Sans like the plague.” Obviously.

Creative team and stakeholder collaboration.
Powered by Creative Operations.

Did you know with Lytho you can automate project assignments based on the type of request that was submitted then also the skillsets and availability of your team? Finally software made specifically for creative needs.

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How about that Lytho!

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