Arbor Day Foundation Uses Lytho to Showcase 500M Trees Planted

About the Arbor Day Foundation

Founded in 1972, they are the world’s largest member-based non-profit organization dedicated to planting, nurturing, and celebrating trees. Their urban and reforestation work expands to 55 countries and, to date, they have planted more than 500,000,000 trees.

Arbor Day Foundation + Innovate

The foundation has an ambitious goal to plant 500,000,000 more trees by 2027 to protect the climate, people communities, and biodiversity. To take on a project of this magnitude, they had to revolutionize their operations by automating their processes.

Their IT team worked with Innovate, an organization specializing in geospatial data mapping to help them focus their tree-planting efforts in the areas that needed it most. Using the Foundation’s reforestation and urban forestry data, the tool also allows corporate partners to see the impact their investments are making in forests and communities.

The Arbor Day Foundation’s 28,000-Tree Planting Project in Bladen Lake State Forest, NC

In the wake of hurricane Florence, the Arbor Foundation helped plant 28,000 trees across 54 acres of land. The Foundation wanted to highlight the success of the project to their partners by adding a personalized touch for each event that included corporate-sponsored events, tree distributions, reforestation projects, and more.

To do so, they needed at least five images for each event. With 1,632 corporate partners, that added up to 8,160 images to be handled with limited resources. But with files living on multiple servers and devices, gathering everything in one place would be a massive challenge on top of additional unanswered questions like:

  • How are we going to make this scalable?
  • How are we going to keep these folders up to date?
  • How do we make sure we have image releases?
  • What’s the long-term filing solution here?

The Arbor Day Foundation needed a better way – the Lytho way.

Arbor Foundation + Lytho

Ginger had already been setting up Arbor’s digital asset manager with Lytho to house their brand guidelines and sort their tree species by different taxonomic categories like deciduous, conifer, and evergreen or by trunk, bark, and leaves type.

By bringing the IT, Innovate, and Lytho teams together and creating a process map on how to use Lytho, Ginger and multiple teams across the foundation were able to:

  • Gather and tag the photos they needed
  • Link the photos to image releases
  • Tackle this historical image backlog within just 8 weeks
  • Sort out 1,632 tree planting projects and link 10,300 images to their Impact Dashboard.

Thanks to Lytho, the Arbor Day Foundation deepened their relationships with their corporate partners and secured further funding to keep doing the magnificent work they do for our planet.

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