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Creative Workflow

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Project Management

Task tools are fine for simple teams, but they buckle under the pressure of serious marketing projects. Lytho’s marketing project management solution that fits your projects and organizational structure like a glove.

  • Direct incoming Requests with a customizable briefing-in process
  • Dynamic Gantt charts and Kanban boards
  • No surprises – never miss a thing with in-app and email notifications

Manage Projects

Review and Approval

Can you manage and delight your stakeholders at the same time? Sure you can. All you need is creative workflow software that fits your organization and process.

  • Powerful for you, simple for your stakeholders
  • Flexible proof routing – as simple or as complex as your team needs
  • Increase accountability with version control and audit trails

Manage Approvals

Resource Management

Focus your team on the right work at the right time with the right skills and resources. Maximize output, eliminate burnout.

  • Everyone knows what’s most important – even when it changes – with Priorities
  • Know Availability and Specialties of individual team members to route the right work to the right people
  • Balance Workload by quickly visualizing each team member’s tasks, deliverables, and due dates

Manage Resources

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