Keep everyone updated and in the loop.

No more chasing down requests and waiting for feedback. Lytho's centralized platform keeps everyone in the loop, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and moving in the same direction.

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Mark-ups and comments

Reviewers can make comments, continue conversations in reply threads, and use annotation tools to provide clear input that everyone can see.

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Version control

Maintain a version history that allows reviewers to compare different iterations, ensuring previous edits and updates don't get missed.

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Reviewers can simultaneously access proofs content and provide feedback in real-time, making it easier and faster to reach consensus and make decisions.

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Approval workflows

Set up review routes to include tiers so higher-level stakeholders don’t see reviews until it's in the final stages.

Streamline the review process, making it faster and more efficient, by providing a single place for stakeholders to share feedback with the creative team.

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Feedback Management

Lytho’s Review + Approval is your area to wrangle the peanut gallery. Gather feedback from all stakeholders in one location, eliminating the need for scattered emails and comments. With our online proofing functionality, you can easily collect and resolve feedback in real-time and create an audit trail with version controls for accountability and assessment.

  • Real-time collaboration for shorter review cycles
  • Centralized feedback for transparency and accountability
  • Version control to double-check work

Visibility and Productivity

Online proofing tools are no longer a luxury but a necessity for improving visibility, boosting productivity, and achieving creative excellence. With automated notifications, @ mentioning, tier routing, and much more, Lytho’s Review + Approval tool helps keep projects moving by setting clear deadlines and getting assets reviewed by decision-makers. Our integration with the Adobe Creative Suite keeps designers in the tools they love and ultimately gets assets to market faster.

  • Automated notifications to keep reviews on schedule
  • Deadline management to set priorities and expectations
  • Customized routes to control who sees what and when
  • Integration with Adobe apps for quick and easy distribution
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Let Review & Approval be the admin,
so you can focus on doing what you love.

Faster Approvals

Review and approve work in one centralized location. No more chasing down feedback.

Online Reviews

Welcome to the new world where all feedback from stakeholders is approved before distribution to market.

Manage Feedback

Work smarter, not harder, by managing conflicting feedback and versions all in one place before the designer starts making edits.

Stay On Time

Routing tiers and automated notifications help reduce bottlenecks by allowing optional reviewers to be skipped and notifications to be sent when reviews haven't been submitted.

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