Nisolo's Journey to Building a Sustainable Brand With Lytho


At the forefront of the fashion industry, Nisolo is leading the charge in sustainable practices, reshaping how consumers view and interact with fashion. With a mission as crucial as theirs, effective and engaging marketing communication is paramount. Seeking a solution to enhance transparency, communication, and collaboration across their diverse departments and creative projects, Nisolo turned to Lytho Workflow. With this newfound superpower, Nisolo’s creative team significantly increased productivity while improving overall organizational alignment.


Founded in 2011, Nisolo is more than just a fashion brand producing responsibly-made shoes and accessories. They are combating climate change by reducing 100% of their carbon emissions — from the start of their supply chain all the way to how they deliver goods to customers’ doorsteps. Further, every purchase enables a 100% living wage to the people who make the products. Among fashion brands, there are approximately 120 brands that have qualified to become Certified B Corps, and Nisolo is ranked #1 in leather goods and in the top 3 in footwear.


Nisolo's Success Story with Lytho

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Hard Facts: Sustainability Meets Efficiency

In 2021, Nisolo embarked on one of its most significant sustainability initiatives, the Sustainability Facts Label, which leverages the research of sustainability experts to empower consumers to make better choices and to invite brands to strengthen their approaches to sustainability. This labor-intensive initiative would require commitment, communication, and alignment across the company to ensure its success. Concurrently, the creative team initiated the implementation of Lytho Workflow, aimed at refining their request process and campaign management. Dakotah Smith, Nisolo’s Creative Director, recalls previous challenges with a manual process: “You get requests from every which way — Slacks, emails, side conversations, meetings — and then there’s no real paper trail to follow.

The introduction of Lytho alongside this core organizational initiative provided a pivotal moment for the entire organization to embrace the new system. With over 200 data points and various design components, Lytho provides a central location for request submissions, content review, and collaboration. “That made it go a lot faster because normally projects like this would take us 6 months, and we turned this around in probably a month and a half,” Dakotah remarks on completing the project in record speed.

These Metrics Were Made for Sharing

As Dakotah and her team settled into their workflow rhythm, they began exploring other features of Lytho, particularly the reporting functionality. “What I love about Lytho is the reporting feature. It allows me to pull how long our average timeline is, providing a much more accurate deadline to requesters,” Dakotah notes.

Dakota can now easily access reports on creative KPIs that were once hard to quantify, including:

  • Number of requests completed each month
  • Duration of open requests
  • Departmental request distribution
  • Monthly time allocation per department

This helps us allocate our resources to where we’re spending most of our time within the company,” Dakotah adds.

In addition to resource management, Lytho’s reporting has enhanced organizational transparency with project scope and priorities, bridging cross-departmental silos. “It’s taken pressure off our internal creative team and allowed us more agency when we engage with cross-functional departments. “It really helps us prioritize day-to-day activities,” Dakotah explains.

Sustaining the Future

Beyond project management, Lytho fosters collaboration and fortifies Nisolo’s sustainability ethos, serving as a digital haven. By centralizing all processes, the platform creates sustainability checkpoints within their creative workflow.

With a lean, remote team and a paramount mission to uphold, Dakotah and her colleagues rely on Lytho day in and day out. She adds, “It kind of feels like a little digital office for us. It’s a physical department within the digital space that allows us to work way more closely together.

Taking Things Offline

In 2023, Nisolo embarked on a significant transformation by opening three showrooms, marking a departure from their strictly e-commerce model. This strategic shift necessitated the creation of new assets and a close partnership with a third-party agency. By integrating the agency into Lytho, the creative team fostered seamless collaboration and maintained a clear brand direction throughout the journey. From request submissions to review and approval stages, the team gained valuable insights into the entire customer experience, ensuring alignment on store content. Dakotah notes, “It made the process go a lot faster.

Collaborating with external agencies can sometimes introduce challenges such as disjointed processes and breakdowns in communication. By consolidating all stakeholders within Lytho, Nisolo streamlined collaboration and expedited workflows, resulting in a more efficient process overall.

Continued Innovation

Nisolo’s journey with Lytho epitomizes the transformative power of innovative workflow solutions in driving organizational efficiency and sustainability. Embracing Lytho alongside their sustainability initiative, Nisolo transcended communication barriers, streamlined their creative processes, and achieved remarkable results in record time.

The Sustainability Facts Label laid the groundwork for Nisolo’s Real Leaders Impact Award in 2023, aligning them with an elite community of brands committed to effecting sustainable change in the world.

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