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Customer Experience

Free guidance from seasoned professionals who know your business

Industry Experts

Our Customer Experience (CX) team is filled with creative industry professionals, which makes us unique compared to support teams for other project and asset management tools. We’re creative operations professionals ourselves, so when you talk with your CX team, you’re working with a former senior designer or marketing manager or maybe even one of our competitors’ former employees.

Strategic Partners

Our CX team members consider themselves strategic partners, not just technical advisors. We understand your roles and processes in addition to being software experts, so we can make an impact in your team’s success in and out of the platform.

All Free of Charge

We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay extra to learn how to best use a product you’re already paying for. Access to Lytho’s CX team is standard in all contracts. We don’t care if you’re a five person team or a 105 person team. Your success is equally important to us.

Hear what others are saying about Lytho’s Customer Experience team

If you are looking for a creative operations platform, Lytho's Customer Experience team is wonderful and organized. They are a partner and invested in your project and company success.”


Marketing Project Manager

I love the Customer Experience team. They are truly terrific to work with. Our entire team found Lytho to be incredibly helpful getting us started and working with us. These guys speak the creative language.”


Creative Operations Manager

The benefit that sets them far and above the competition is their Customer Experience team. They worked with us, and continue to do so. You just can't put a price tag on that kind of service. ”


Senior Project Manager

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