Get the most out of your creative content by providing your creative team and stakeholders with access to assets that are approved and ready for market.

Juggling your assets?
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Managing digital assets across complex teams and multiple brands can be a never-ending struggle. Lytho's DAM provides a better way to store, share, and safeguard your assets in ways that make sense for your brand, minimizing the friction in the search process so you can find files faster and move on to more magical work.

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Centralized storage

Lytho DAM provides a single and secure repository where all digital assets are stored, making it easy to access files.

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Tagging & taxonomy

Use metadata to tag and categorize assets, making it easy to search, sort, and filter content based on criteria such as keywords, dates, or usage.

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Version control

Versioning capabilities allow users to manage different iterations of an asset and track changes over time, providing the most up-to-date assets for usage.

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Copyright & usage

Lytho DAM helps to manage copyrights, licenses, and usage rights for assets, ensuring compliance with legal and licensing restrictions.

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Digital Asset Management

No more messy, nested folders to comb through. No more worrying about the wrong asset making its way into the wild. Our smart tags save time by helping users locate assets quickly, and our permission settings minimize brand risk by giving you control over who sees what in the DAM, protecting assets and colleagues from going rogue.

  • Smart tags
  • Collections and menus
  • Permissions and restrictions
  • Versions and variants
  • Inbound and outbound links for file sharing
  • Quitclaim/consent management

Lytho is the DAM solution you've been waiting for.

Easily find the files you need, when you need them.

Feel like you're drowning in a sea of digital assets? Easily tag and search for assets.

Protect your assets from loss or damage.

Are files lost in the ether because of past naming convention violations? Organize assets in collections and approve uploads to ensure file type and quality.

Ensure compliance with copyright laws.

Safeguard your assets and brand reputation. Lytho's security measures protect your files from unauthorized access and ensure compliance with copyright laws.

Boost productivity with a single source of truth.

Free up your time for what matters. Automating and simplifying repetitive tasks allows you to focus on strategic initiatives.

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