Tracks digitally fingerprints assets in your Lytho DAM so that they can be traced online — even if they’re downloaded, cropped, and re-posted. You’ll know exactly where your assets are when you need to take action.



Prevent unauthorized use of assets

Avoid legal issues and fees that arise from unauthorized use of assets that have consent requirements. Tracks shows which files are protected and where they’re posted online so they’re easy to recall when consent expires or is revoked.

Keep your messaging fresh

Coupon codes expire. Events pass. Products get retired. When old digital assets need to be taken down, Tracks makes it easy to find them. This proactive maintenance ensures that your audience only sees fresh, relevant messaging.

Organically expand your business

Tracks follows your images around the internet so you can see where they’ve been shared beyond your initial publishing. Knowing where your assets are reposted reveals insights about audiences, channels, and new marketing opportunities.

One place to manage it all

Store and attach release forms for protected images in the same system where you’re monitoring their activity — your Lytho DAM. There’s no need to compile fragmented data from different systems, which is inefficient and error-prone.

Marketing comes with enough guesswork. Tracks helps marketing teams understand how and where their assets are being consumed on external platforms to make data-driven decisions.

By tracking your creative images and assets once they leave the DAM, you can see where and how your content is — and isn’t — being used. These insights inform decisions about where your marketing efforts go next and what content is valuable enough to recycle.

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Here are some examples of how
Lytho Tracks improves marketing operations.

Automate compliance maintenance

Tracks automatically sends notifications when fingerprinted assets with expired release forms are found online, restoring confidence that unauthorized assets can be pulled when needed.

Easily identify assets being monitored

Make no mistake about which assets need special attention. Filters in the DAM provide visibility to which images are being monitored online and those that have consent restrictions associated with them.

Ensure fingerprinted assets are deployed

Collaboration between creative and marketing teams can be strained. Lytho makes fingerprinted assets easy to find in the DAM so that marketing teams can confidently deploy images that will return insights.

Downloaded or resized. No problem.

Track's fingerprinting technology digitally embeds invisible data into an image's pixels that can withstand cropping and resizing, ensuring the asset is traceable even if it's downloaded, edited, and re-uploaded.

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