The Future of Digital Asset Management - Never Download an Asset Again


A Digital Asset Management solution (DAM) is a central location that helps in all areas of digital content. Rapidly, more companies are switching to a cloud-based SaaS solution to manage their digital assets. Indeed, they are moving away from disorganized ways of storing their content. But why is that? And what can Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems offer beyond a spot to store your files? That is what we will be discussing below.

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Why Is Digital Asset Management Trending?

There have been many reports analyzing the digital asset management market. The results? The data on them predicts huge growth by the year 2030. The following are the main reasons behind this trend:

  • A high return on investments – this is a major driver for the adoption of DAM solutions. We think this will drive many organizations to increase their budget for asset management tools.
  • Mobile phones and the way they help engage and retain customers effectively. And the number of connected devices is constantly increasing around the globe.
  • These days, marketers have to use a large number of solutions like interactive store windows, digital signage, and wearable devices. They find it difficult to create and deliver assets that offer consistent and compelling brand messages across so many mediums.
  • The increasing recognition of digital assets across the world is creating opportunities for growth.

This seems logical, doesn’t it? After all, there is no denying that you need multiple digital touch points and quality content to attract and keep customers. Nowadays most marketing and communications have gone digital because it is cheaper, more efficient and allows for better targeting. And most of us spend most of our time on the web anyway!

Where Is Digital Asset Management Going?

We believe that DAM solutions should go beyond storing assets in a secure way. DAM should be at the heart of all your departments, it should not be just another marketing or branding tool. Our vision for digital asset management is more strategic.

Aligning all stakeholders to your brand

Everyone who works with your brand should be brand consistent. From the executive delivering presentations to the board, all the way to the receptionist sending announcements. Everyone must have access to your DAM solution for material that is relevant to their role in your company.

Maximize user experience

Does this mean they need to always log in somewhere every time they need an image or a file? Not in our vision. Ideally, they do not even know that they have a DAM. If it is as user-friendly as it should be, then it will guide employees to the most recent assets.

DAM connects with everything

How so? Through advanced integrations of course. Let us say you have PowerPoint open, and you are working on a presentation. To make the presentation more engaging, you add pictures, illustrations, and gifs. Wouldn’t it be nicer if you could access all this content directly from the PowerPoint app? Well, you can now say goodbye to opening a folder or another app to search or scroll through your options.

Never download an asset again

The rise of cloud-based solutions and applications comes with a side effect. You always have to export, import, download, upload, and render assets. We know professionals who regularly handle large video files experience this all the time.

Advanced DAM solutions, like Lytho, will make all this obsolete. You can edit, save, post, and share all your content from one place. ANd you never need to download a single file on your laptop. Save yourself the frustration, free up hard drive space, and help everyone work easier remotely.

Digital Asset Management as a Strategic Partner

Digital asset management will become more important in the future. It will be the solution helping companies to handle their digital content operations. If you would like to hear more about how our vision for DAM can benefit your company, contact us. They will give you the tools to get the most out of your brand and the best out of your people.

Lytho helps you streamline your entire workflow and harmonize all brand collateral under a single, uniform platform. Feel free to reach out to us by scheduling a demo and learning how our creative solutions can boost the effectiveness of your creative projects. We look forward to speaking with you!