Endeavour Drinks Group Raises a Glass to 40% Review Time Reduction

Endeavour Drinks Group

Company: An Australian retail drink and hospitality business that achieved a 40% review time reduction with Lytho.



At Endeavour Drinks Group, the creative teams of nine alcohol beverage companies needed to be brought together into one centralized creative studio. Used to working in silos, they lacked the insights to assess the outcomes of individual and collective efforts. This meant the creative teams were less efficient when it came to distributing resources and creating workflows – and they lacked comprehensive reporting. They needed one place to report and manage resources across the whole group, rather than at the individual team and company level.


Upon further examination, there were really two main challenges:

  1. The teams handled a wide range of work – The different businesses had different needs across digital, video, animation, website work, print catalogues, point-of-sale assets, and more. There were also events to support like wine tastings, PR events, supplier events, and photo shoots.
  2. Each team used different processes – Some had implemented generic task management solutions, while others relied on email, chat, and spreadsheets. None had a single system that was end-to-end or could accommodate request intake. “We weren’t able to ask the right questions, like what is the strategy for this campaign, what are the goals for this content, or even just something as simple as basic specs because the creatives were not only working, but also needing to manage stakeholders to elicit all the core details to create a good reverse brief,” said Leanne Thompson, Studio & Creative Operations Manager.


The team at Endeavour evaluated 17 platforms over four months, before choosing Lytho. In doing so, Leanne identified six factors that made it an easy choice:

  1. Total workflow support
  2. Intuitive user experience
  3. Easy administration and support for many users
  4. Review + Approval
  5. Comprehensive reporting
  6. And collaborative customer support

Also, Lytho’s dedicated focus to brand and creative operations was a major driver. “As a creative team, our needs and our work environment are very unique. I honestly don’t think you can effectively manage a heavy creative workflow through a standard project management tool,” Leanne said.


All of the teams are now able to manage all of their projects end-to-end in one system. And, get this, they can report everything across the entire group.

Endeavour Drinks Group Case Study Stats

Endeavour Drinks Group has benefited from a 40% review time reduction and so can you! Lytho helps you streamline your entire workflow and harmonize all brand collateral under a single, uniform platform. Feel free to reach out to us by scheduling a demo and learning how our creative solutions can boost the effectiveness of your creative projects. We look forward to speaking with you!