AAPL Reduced Turnaround Time by 300%

American Association Of Professional Landmen (Aapl)

Size: Unites approximately 18,000 landmen and land-related persons in North America through professional development and service.



The creative team at AAPL knew the time was neigh to make some big changes. In supporting the organization’s efforts, they were using a plethora of spreadsheets combined with generic software solutions. In addition to an annual conference, they needed support with government advocacy, education, and certifications. And when you add a 400-page membership directory and bi-monthly magazine to the mix, you get a tall order.

But as demand for their talents continued to grow, they knew those processes were not scalable. Indeed, internally, they needed more structure and better checks and balances. For externals, they required an easier way to corral client requests and feedback.


The AAPL creative team was able to onboard to Lytho quickly and easily. With the support of their dedicated Lytho Customer Success Manager, the onboarding process was a breeze. They shared several best practices to empower AAPL throughout the process.

Within four months of onboarding, the team tackled their biggest annual project – creating their 400-page membership directory. However, instead of spending eight weeks to review the 30-page document, they completed review in less than two weeks. And there was an added bonus – everyone completed their reviews on time. This time, it was easy for them to provide it quickly, since they received automatic reminders by Lytho if they were behind schedule.

With the use of Lytho, stakeholders now have a clearer understanding of what the creative process entails. In return, they can better facilitate and execute their projects. Moreover, the creative team is better aligned with stakeholders and they set clear expectations from the beginning.


With Lytho, AAPL reduced turnaround time by 300%. In the past, creative reviews were a massive pain point with disparate feedback that lacked collaboration. Now by contrast, they are an enjoyable process that includes greater transparency, centralized communication, and provides better support for remote work.

AAPL reduces turnaround time by 300% Numbers

AAPL reduced turnaround time by 300% and so can you! Lytho helps you streamline workflows and harmonize all brand collateral under a single, uniform platform. Feel free to reach out to us by scheduling a demo and learning how our creative solutions can boost the effectiveness of your creative projects. We look forward to speaking with you!