Big Y Foods Ends Springfield 'Food Desert' With Lytho

Big Y Foods

About the Company: It is one of the largest independently owned supermarket chains in New England. They operate 84 grocery store locations throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut, as well as 17 gas and convenience store locations and one liquor store. They employee around 10,000 employees.

The New Big Y Express Food Market Store

The independent supermarket giant sought to bring an end to downtown Springfield’s ‘food desert‘ by converting an old department store front into a grocery store. The challenges?

  • The store was scheduled to open up only six weeks after a new creative ad agency was onboarded. Meanwhile, Big Y needed to develop a new plan on how to market the launch quickly.
  • This new type of store never existed for them before, plus their customers were used to a different format for 80 years.
  • Big Y needed that new look but also had to maintain creative control so the agency created assets that they could repurpose themselves.

Onboarding a New Agency to Launch the Latest New Big Y Express Grocery Store

Just a few weeks before the store’s official launch, Big Y Foods brought in a new creative ad agency. After onboarding them in Lytho, they threw them straight into the deep end. The agency’s first assignment was to use Lytho to bring this new type of grocery store to the city of Springfield in a novel, smaller, downtown-style format – a hybrid between a grocery store and a convenience store – which was unlike anything the supermarket chain had done before.

How Did Big Y Foods Use Lytho to Advertise the Store Launch?

With an overall campaign that contained more than 50 projects within it and the new creative ad agency up and running in Lytho, Big Y Foods:

  • Created the overall campaign internally using Lytho Workflow, containing dozens of projects for their team and 3rd party partners
  • Had a brand guide created and all approved assets added into Lytho DAM
  • Provided universal access to all partners so they could view approved assets, have full visibility into what other teams were handling, and saw a clear path toward completion

The Result: The Successful Store Opening of Big Y Express Fresh Market

Using Lytho, the company successfully:

  • Launched Big Y Express Fresh Market in downtown Springfield, putting an end to the so-called ‘food desert’ in this part of town.
  • Boosted their brand while protecting their processes
  • Had access to the right tools to track success in collaborating with external agencies.

Big Y found that the format they used to work with the new ad agency was so efficient, that they restructured all major campaigns to involve these essential steps to ensure consistency. By adding more upfront steps in Lytho Workflow, designers no longer waste time hunting for information.

The new Big Y Foods Fresh Market store has officially opened its doors!

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