Texas Roadhouse Doubles Efficiency, Managing Three Brands Across 623 Locations

Texas Roadhouse

Company: Texas Roadhouse, a US-based steakhouse chain
Size: Three brands (Texas Roadhouse, Bubba’s, and Jaggers) across over 623 locations with more than 68,000 employees



Poor Brand Accessibility and Consistency

Texas Roadhouse’s global presence came with struggles in providing all locations and franchisees access to the right brand assets. Without an asset manager, files were scattered, and teams were losing hours searching for the right assets, asking “Whose desktop is that on?” Not something you want to ask when you’re spread across many locations.

The brand consistency the team aspired to achieve was quite ambitious. There was no single location where employees and franchisees could pull the latest brand assets, while giving the brand team full control over which assets were available to which user.


A Digital Asset Management Platform Built for Brand Marketers

Texas Roadhouse needed a brand portal for employees and franchisees across their hundreds of locations. Lytho Digital Asset Management (DAM) is exactly that. Consequently, everyone now has access to the same approved assets.

The Lytho DAM supports Texas Roadhouse in:

  • Preventing the local storage of assets and supporting the easy creation of versions
  • Supporting in-depth search capabilities through tagging, meta + custom data, similar image search, and more
  • Giving all employees a consistent experience in working with the brand
  • Giving all customers the same level of consistency across all locations

Now everyone who works with assets has easy access to logos, and can easily resize images for different channels. Also, everyone benefits from the readily accessible templates for the most common uses – all without taking vital hours away from the creative team.


Texas Roadhouse now has one portal to store, share, and manage their assets across hundreds of locations, franchisees, and employees. As a result, they now apply consistent branding, and have improved the brand experience. As for the team, they now have the synergy they need to perform well.


Lytho helps you streamline workflows and harmonize all brand collateral under a single, uniform platform. Feel free to reach out to us by scheduling a demo and learning how our creative solutions can boost the effectiveness of your creative projects. We look forward to speaking with you!