About the Company: Sustainability brand, founded in 2010 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Lytho | Dopper: Simplifying Sustainability

Video Length: 5:06


Dopper has an incredible sustainability mission that they wanted to share with the community. However, doing so proved to be a bit more challenging than expected. They experienced challenges in storing, finding, and sharing their assets both efficiently and effectively. Additionally, they found that personalizing assets for each company and individual that joined their mission was very time-consuming. Unfortunately, these tedious activities subtracted from the team’s efforts in both sharing their message and increasing their reach.


Dopper needed a simple, user-friendly Asset Manager to support their needs and empower the team to excel. They implemented Lytho’s Digital Asset Manager (DAM) to streamline their asset management and simplify their ways of working. Lytho’s DAM helps them:

  • Store and find their assets easily
  • Create collections of materials within their Wave Mission
  • Quickly share their Wave Mission materials with the community

Dopper also uses Lytho’s Create + Publish module. They can quickly and easily produce personalized content when companies and individuals sign up for their Wave Mission.


Today, Dopper saves hours of time in both finding and sharing their assets. Gone are the days of searching and not finding the materials they have created. Dopper now has over 1 million individuals and companies signed up to their Wave Mission. And that number is continuously growing.

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