End of Year Metrics: Telling Your Team's Story with Data

End of Year Metrics: Telling Your Team's Story with Data

Video Length: 59:23

About the Webinar:

As we approach the close of 2023, are you ready to showcase your team’s accomplishments and optimize your reporting processes for the coming year? Watch our lively panel discussion featuring three accomplished creative operations leaders as they share their expertise on data collection and strategic reporting. Together, we unravel:

  • Proven tactics for acquiring current data
  • Reports leveraged for maximum impact
  • Target audiences for sharing these reports
  • New processes planned for the upcoming year to improve outcomes


Walk away with strategic insights and actionable tips that will empower you not only to showcase your team’s achievements, but also to navigate the dynamic landscape of Creative Operations with finesse.

Meet the Speakers

Headshot Headshot (1)


Kelly Case, Senior Manager of Design Team, Texas Roadhouse


Headshot Headshot (2)


Jeremy Kantner, Design Manager, Penn Entertainment




Headshot Headshot (4)


Peter Skophammer, Manager, Marketing Operations & Creative Team



Headshot Headshot (3)


Nik Nepomuceno, Senior Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Lytho





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