Exploring Automation in the Creative Process

Exploring Automation in the Creative Process

Video Length: 41:05

About the Webinar:

Creative automation has become a beacon, ushering in a profound shift in how we think about creating graphics. It is the driving force entering us into an era of creative change. Watch to explore the foundations of this change:

  • Smart Templates Redefine Graphics: Smart templates exemplify the harmonious blend of technology and artistic flexibility.
  • Inclusive Content Creation: Creative automation platforms empower individuals without formal design experience to contribute to the creative process.
  • Celebrating Diversity through Automation: Transform market and cultural nuances into opportunities for more meaningful connections with creative automation.

Whether you are a creative team leader, a creative team member, or a stakeholder, you will come away with valuable tips and trick on how you can capitalize on creative automation.

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Meet the Speaker

Sarah Tinsley

Product Marketing Manager, Lytho

Sarah, a former Lytho customer, has over 10 years of marketing and communications experience. A previous creative manager and graphic designer, she is now unpacking the intricacies of our industry to develop and deploy products that help creative teams deliver the best content outcomes by quieting the chaos that threatens imagination. She holds a bachelor’s degree in speech communications and a master’s degree in sport management, both from Baylor University.



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