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Lytho’s cloud-based creative project management software makes it easy for brand and creative teams to kick off projects and keep their creative workflow moving.

Creative Project Management Accepted Request

Optimize Requests and Creative Briefs

Eliminate misunderstandings with clearer project specifications and creative vision right from the start.

  • Create request/intake forms that clearly define the information your team needs to succeed on each project.
  • Eliminate back and forth by including information about tone, assets, and other specifications within request forms.
  • Quickly create and edit intake forms so they stay optimized for changing business needs.


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Take the Guesswork Out of Workflow

Project templates make it easy to kick off projects, saving you time and reducing the potential for human error.

  • Use project templates to pre-populate tasks, proofs, tags, and more.
  • Automatically assign tasks to job specialties (graphic designer, copywriter, etc.) or to specific team members to keep projects moving.
  • Kick off projects quickly by automatically calculating start or due dates based on your specifications.


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Boost Transparency

Never miss a thing by staying consistently informed about your team’s work.

  • At-a-glance dashboards highlight incoming requests, overdue work, pending approvals, what’s in review or been returned, and what’s next.
  • Streamline dashboard views to see what work you personally need to complete or what’s in the pipeline for your entire team or organization.
  • In-app and email notifications ensure everyone continues to stay on top of what needs to happen next.


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