About us

The roots of Lytho were planted over 30 years ago, when we started as a small group of enthusiastic pioneers in brand management, design, and marketing. We grew our foothold in database publishing through building strong relationships with our customers and our partnership with Adobe. After decades of asking for feedback and actively listening to the challenges of leading marketers, designers, and UX researchers, we decided it was time to create something new.

We realized that many organizations were investing a lot in their brand, but not getting the maximum value out of it – nor out of the people working with it. To maximize people's talents, marketing operations needed to be much better organized. To answer this need, we created the award-winning Lytho Digital Asset Management solution. ​

But we didn’t want to stop there. We want to become a strategic partner for your brand. To achieve this, we are continuing the legacy we started with Adobe’s Creative Cloud: building strong, easy-to-implement integrations with all the platforms and tools that you already love and use. Lytho is built to be connected to your larger organization and strategy.

Ultimately, we believe that for your brand to reach its full potential, all your people need to have a relationship with it. Everyone who uses images, creates presentations, or sends emails with your brand logo on them should benefit from smooth content operations and feel empowered to deliver their best with your company. That is why we want to connect all your stakeholders to your brand.


Our Values

Get the most out of your brand and the best out of your people.

Be proud
Be proud of who you are and what you do. Never compromise on your identity.
Think big
Be ambitious. Set a challenging goal and achieve it. The next one will be waiting.
Share the good
You have your expertise, others have their own. Share your knowledge. Make each other better.
Own it
Take full responsibility. Making a mistake is fine, as long as you look for a solution.
Never give up
You will stumble, you will fall. Just keep going. Find new ways to achieve your goals.