Announcing Lytho's Change Requests Feature to Update Requests

The request for this article was submitted and amended using the Change Requests feature.

In the fast-paced world of creative content, things can change in the blink of an eye. Creative direction, scope, and details are constantly evolving, which can make the creative process challenging. But fear not! Lytho has just released the perfect solution for you – Change Requests. This flexible functionality empowers you to adapt and respond to changes in real-time, ensuring you can align your creative team with business goals perfectly.

Without further ado, let us walk you through the quick and straightforward process of submitting a change request using this very blog post as an example.

Core Benefits of the Change Requests Feature

Gain Real-Time Status Updates and Adaptability

Creative projects are notorious for their ever-shifting requirements. Change Requests allow you to make updates to accepted requests swiftly and seamlessly. Always stay in the loop with notification updates, version reminders, and request progress status tracking.

This means you can react in real time, realign your resources, and stay ahead of evolving needs. No more struggling to catch up or having to redo work from scratch!

4. Change Requests Feature Change Request Saved

Deal with Fewer Proof Versions

Wouldn’t you rather have requested changes come in than be forced to create another version from scratch? Lytho’s Change Requests feature encourages stakeholders to share their adjustments before the first proof goes live. This proactive approach reduces the need for numerous proof versions, saving you time and resources.

6. Change Requests Feature Version 2 Pop Up 2

Streamline Your Request Management Process

With Change Requests, all your request details are conveniently stored in one place, making it easy to manage and track changes. Lytho provides a comprehensive audit trail, allowing you to see what was originally requested, what was changed, who made the changes, and when they were made. This level of transparency is essential for effective project management.

7. Change Requests Feature Version History Overview

Request Management – Version 1 Summary:

8. Change Requests Feature Version History V1

Request Management – Version 2 Summary:

9. Change Requests Feature Version History V2

Here’s How to Submit a Change Request:


Step 1: Notice What’s Missing

After you have successfully submitted your creative request, you notice that some necessary details are missing. In our case, the request summary for this blog post lacks clarity as it is too generic. We need to provide an updated description to better reflect the topic.

Step 2: Click on ‘Change Request’

Now that we have gathered the necessary changes we wish to make, we can go ahead and visit the request overview page. Once there, we hit the Change Request button, which can be found at the bottom of the page, slightly to the right.

Step 3: Update Your Request

In this instance, we want to update the summary of the request to include the benefits of the feature for teams and organizations. Here are all the request elements that can be updated at this stage:

  • Title
  • Summary
  • Attachments
  • Additional comments
  • Asset type
  • Priority

Once we have made all necessary changes, we click on the Submit Changes’ button.

Additional Benefits of the Change Requests Feature

Protect Your Budget

We understand that budget concerns are a priority for any project. Making frequent changes can be costly and eat away at your resources. Keep your budget intact by avoiding unnecessary expenses and wasted assets.

Boost Morale Among Your Team Members

Your creative team’s morale is essential for productivity and success. Change Requests give your team confidence that their efforts are not in vain. They can make improvements without starting from scratch.

Maintain Stakeholder Confidence

Stakeholder trust is vital for the success of your projects. If they lose confidence in your ability to deliver, it can have dire consequences. Now, you can show them that you are responsive and committed to delivering their vision.

Gain Valuable Insights

In addition to request tracking, Lytho offers reporting tools that help you understand how your business is operating. Analyze stakeholder behavior and operational efficiency to make data-driven decisions.

With Lytho’s Change Requests feature, you can take control of your creative projects. React to changes in real-time, protect your budget, boost team morale, and maintain stakeholder confidence. All this while streamlining request management and gaining valuable insights. Say goodbye to endless revisions and hello to efficient, effective creative processes. Try Lytho’s Change Requests today and watch your creative projects thrive!

We at Lytho help you streamline your entire workflow and harmonize all brand collateral under a single, uniform platform. Feel free to reach out to us by scheduling a demo and learning how our creative solutions can boost the effectiveness of your creative projects. We look forward to speaking with you!