Q2 2022 Creative Operations Report: Creative Leadership Challenges

In-house brand and creative teams are evolving at lightning-fast speeds – and we at Lytho connect with top creative leaders every quarter to gather all the data about and facts on the latest challenges faced by them and their teams. We are thrilled to announce that our Q2 2022 Creative Operations Report has just been released! It offers timely insights to help support our global community of in-house brand and creative teams. Get the report, keep abreast of all the changes, and lead your creative team to further success.

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Curious about the latest trends in creative challenges? So are we! We would like to invite you to read the following key findings summary and download the report below.

3 Key Takeaways for Creative Leaders in Q3 2022

As a creative leader, knowing what challenges creative teams are currently facing will help you make better decisions for yourself and those under you. Did you know that in Q2 2022:

  • 38% of teams experienced growth over the past twelve months and a similar number expect similar growth over the coming year.
  • 57% of teams shared that they are already regularly involved in strategic work and original conception, up 14% from 12 months ago.
  • 64% of teams shared stakeholders do not entirely understand their group’s value proposition.

Top 5 Challenges Faced by In-House Brand & Creative Teams

What are the most frequently cited issues that creative professionals face? Our Q2 2022 Creative Operations Report addresses just that. The creative leaders we spoke to mention the following:

  • Tight timelines
  • Unclear or incomplete requests
  • Unexpected changes to work that is almost complete
  • Keeping up with the volume
  • Changing priorities

The 3 Most In-Demand Skills for Creative Professionals

Creativity is the source of all the incredible things creatives accomplish – and we can realize our full creative potential when we possess the skills and abilities needed to harness our ideas. The most in-demand skills for creatives are:

  • Creative Strategy (31%)
  • Marketing & Communications Strategy (19%)
  • Brand Management (16%)

What Comes Next?

The overarching themes for the next 12 months are those of hyper-growth, increased responsibilities, and a need for improvement in communication between creative professionals and their stakeholders. What does it all mean? We think the story that is unfolding before our eyes is one of accelerated achievements and ongoing efforts for mutual understanding between businesses and the creative people that fuel their success. As a creative leader, helping your team navigate this ever-changing landscape should be your top priority.

Are you ready for a deep dive into the current and future challenges of creative teams and their leaders?

Then download and read the full report here!

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