The Q3 2022 Creative Operations Report Is Here!

The Q3 2022 Creative Operations Report reveals that, once again, 75% of creative teams have experienced or will soon experience structural changes. This comes as no surprise since last quarter’s report revealed some fascinating trends:




  • In-house teams are expanding
  • They exert more influence in strategic discussions and decisions

So, what has changed this quarter? We interviewed experts from Children’s Minnesota and Asite to find out.

Q3 2022 Creative Operations Report Findings:
The Why


Q3 2022 Creative Operations Report Drivers Behind Restructuring Chart

#1 Better Internal Collaboration (45%)

The main drive behind a restructure for almost half of creatives teams comes as no surprise. Especially since workflows for creative professionals started to dramatically change in recent years, a trend that was severely accelerated by the pandemic. It stands to reason, then, that this trend continues to dominate restructuring decisions into this quarter. Read more on how you can improve team collaboration by better navigating creative conflicts here.

#2 Sustainable Workload (39%)

With the ever-increasing nature of creative tasks and responsibilities, creative teams have warmly welcomed restructuring efforts. In doing so, they have brought their workloads to more manageable and sustainable levels. This acts as a great buffer for preventing burnout among creative professionals. Another upside to this is how creative professionals increase the quality of their output when they can better balance output quantity.

Q3 2022 Creative Operations Report Findings:
The How




For this quarter too, the sheer majority of creative teams have used a Workflow/Project Management Solution like Lytho’s to carry out part of their restructuring planning and efforts. If you are considering a similar scenario for your team, then get in touch with us and explore all our solution can do for you.

Q3 2022 Creative Operations Report Findings:
The Results

Q3 2022 Creative Operations Report Results After Restructuring Chart

#1 Accelerating Work Delivery Times (37%)

This is a Lytho and personal favorite – the ability of a creative collective to deliver work in a timely manner. And the rest of the industry seems to be thinking the same. Creative professional needs are, after all, quite universal across industries and team sizes. By far the most frequently-mentioned upside to a restructure, delivering work quicker is such a pleasure. Creative teams have been facing fewer bottlenecks, and their new structures have allowed for better optimization and quicker execution. In other words, all the right ingredients for a successful, well-functioning collective. GO CREATIVES!

#2 Improvements to Products and Services (19%)

Another positive outcome to a creative team restructure has been a noticeable improvement in their offering. Whether it be a product or service, improved processes allow for smoother operations and a better customer experience. Making such a simple but crucial change can elevate how your product or service comes across.

Want to find out more? Then click here to download the full Q3 2022 Creative Operations Report!

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