Big Y Foods Reaps Big Benefits Using Lytho for All Creative Work

Big Y

Company: One of the largest independently owned supermarket chains in New England

Size: Operates 84 locations throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut


At Lytho, we love building partnerships with our customers to help them create better content outcomes. And it’s particularly rewarding when that partner attends regular meetings, is an early adopter of new features, provides helpful feedback, and gives us the opportunity to incorporate some of that feedback into our efforts. That’s why we gave Big Y Foods, Inc. “The Dreamer” award at our annual customer conference, Lythopia!

Big Y Foods Sees Big Benefits In Using a Creative Operations Platform

Big Y uses the entire Lytho Creative Operations Platform, leveraging Workflow functionality to organize and collaborate on marketing requests and Digital Asset Management (DAM) to hold final files, share assets with vendors and partners, and house brand guides.

So how does an active customer/partner use the Lytho Platform? Kathryn Bunnell, Creative Projects Coordinator shared some of the features Big Y uses regularly:

All marketing work is now funneled through Lytho. “We have a team of designers that might be working on different elements of a campaign,” Kathryn said. “This just helps everyone stay on the same page.”

The team enjoys Lytho’s Dot Tool to note in Review + Approval where very precise feedback is needed. “It”s crucial because we can pinpoint on these documents exactly what someone wants to change, @mentioning whoever needs to make that change for even more clarity.”

Big Y Keeps Everything Organized with Digital Asset Management

Using Collections within the DAM helps keep the team organized. “I appreciate being able to see with just a few keystrokes if a finished piece already exists. We made a rule that only final files and creative looks (design and other campaign elements) live in our DAM. So we’ve got one place of truth where our designers can easily find what they need to keep our look consistent across campaigns.”

The team also uses the DAM as an alternative to an FTP (file transfer protocol) site to share large files.

Kathryn finds Lytho’s Brand Center to be very useful and “very, very user friendly.” She adds, “When one of our team members wanted to create a new brand guide, I didn’t have to give her much instruction at all. She just jumped in and was able to start creating it.”

Creating Brand Guides Made Easier than Ever Before

Easy Brand Guide customization has also been a nice surprise. Their prior brand guide grouped multiple PDF pages into one document. “I took that PDF and chopped it up as needed – and if somebody else updated a piece of it, that one source of truth wasn’t there.” Now the Brand Guide is easy to keep current, and Big Y can easily duplicate and/or take out pieces of it to work with third-party vendors. “There’s a lot of proprietary information in our complete brand guide that we might not want to share with everyone. So we can create spinoff brand guides that just contain key elements, like colors and logos.”

She adds that the team has also found a unique way to work with the color blocks found in the brand guide. “We use the color blocks not only to define our brand colors but also to organize the paint colors used in our store! The aesthetics of being able to see these swatches all together is very helpful. It feels like magic when I enter the RGB values and the actual color and HEX # are pulled right into our brand guide!”

“I like that the product is constantly evolving and growing and creating innovations that we didn’t even realize we need. … Our team enjoys exploring the new system updates from Lytho to see how we can work even better, both internally and with other departments.”

Big Y Wins Dreamer Award for 2022

When it comes to the award and Lytho, Kathryn said she was actually in the middle of writing up a feature request for new functionality for Big Y’s forms. “Our team is really trying to think out of the box and use the tools that Lytho has provided us to increase efficiency in any way. And I think that means exploring: What else can we do? How do we take that next step? I’ve been really impressed with how the team can interpret what we’re going for, because sometimes it’s really hard to explain. They’ve been really good at interpreting it and making it happen, and the response time is always excellent.”

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Big Y is continuing its expansive usage of the Lytho Platform and continues to be a great customer/partner.

  • 4,000 finalized assets in the DAM
  • 174 stakeholders

Big Y Foods reaps big benefits by using our Creative Operations Platform and so can you! Lytho helps you streamline your entire workflow and harmonize all brand collateral under a single, uniform platform. Feel free to reach out to us by scheduling a demo and learning how our creative solutions can boost the effectiveness of your creative projects. We look forward to speaking with you!