Segway Balances Brand Consistency and Easy Access to Digital Assets Using Lytho


Company: A global producer of self-balancing electrical vehicles.



After deciding to open their new European headquarters in Amsterdam, Segway faced some common issues in having decentralized offices.

  • Without a central location for digital assets, such as images and product information, marketing materials were scattered. This created challenges in efficiently and consistently managing assets.
  • Their different departments, HQs, distributors, external agencies, and other partners led to a lack of consistency in the brand guidelines that they used.
  • Some offices lacked the right resources to send content to individual distributors in a timely manner.


Segway needed a solution to manage all their marketing resources in one place and communicate consistently with all stakeholders.

The marketers at Segway Amsterdam sought out a digital asset management (DAM) solution. This would act as a central, searchable library where workers and partners could easily access digital media whenever and wherever they wanted. They had three crucial criteria:

  • Easily searchable
  • User friendly
  • And time saving

With Lytho, Segway distributors have on-demand access to automated content. Now, Segway marketers can easily edit materials in online templates. With a controlled audit trail in place, their workflow is now reliable and efficient. Also, they benefit from consistent internal marketing communications across all establishments.


Segway’s brand portal – where stakeholders can find, edit, and store digital assets – is now their source of truth.

By using templates with automated content, distributors can design flyers, posters, spec sheets, and other marketing materials adhering to Segway’s corporate identity. The DAM solution provides Segway with all the assets they need to steer the brand in the right direction.

“All our distributors are using our marketing content hub, and we see improvement in the use of our brand guideline. Very Valuable!” – Marketing Manager Segway

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