The 2023 Creative Operations Report Is Now Live!

Last year, through a series of quarterly Creative Operations Reports, we identified how in-house creative and marketing teams evolved and restructured.

The key themes from those reports included:

  • Teams were tracking metrics, but were still new to it. The top metric tracked was time from brief to approval (70%)
  • Teams still had the challenge of keeping up with the volume of work
  • An astonishing 3 out 4 teams restructured

One of the most noticeable findings across the data was the disconnect between how well creative teams and their stakeholders think they communicate versus how well they actually communicate.

So, we did what any other curious and creative minds would do – we conducted further research which evolved into the focus for this 2023 Creative Operations Report. We investigated the major factors impacting creative-stakeholder relationship. First we explored the challenges each side face in brief/request clarity, communication, and collaboration. We also dig into the gap between self-perceived versus other-perceived effectiveness in these three areas.

After surveying over 140 creative and marketing professionals and their stakeholders, we found three major areas of discrepancies between perception and reality among the two sides:

  • Brief Clarity
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

The 2023 Creative Operations Report dives into both the data and information. The report reveals trends, commonalities, and discrepancies in the ever-evolving working relationships between creatives and stakeholders.

“I’m very proactive with my clients, and we talk with them, we send them briefs, and we set expectations from the get-go.”

– Rachel Regnier, Creative Services Leader at Arizona Public Service

Infographic 2023 Creative Operations Report

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