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Because creating content out of thin air is hard enough.

What is Creative Operations?

“Creative operations” refers to a discipline that connects a creative team to the business partners they serve, providing structure to help creatives move faster and produce better work.

In practice, it is the centralized hub that all departments can refer to during any stage of the creative process to find the most up-to-date information.

Creative Operations Platform

A Creative Operations Platform (COP) facilitates processes that support both creative and marketing teams and their stakeholders. Its goal is to improve the ability of teams to do the work that drives growth.

One useful byproduct of a COP is that it creates a thorough line to track impact metrics across the entirety of the creative content lifecycle, providing strategic insights into business needs, such as predictable timelines, efficient use of resources, and brand protection.

Hear what others are saying about Lytho’s Creative Operations Platform

We love the overall workflow set-up, the proofing capabilities, and especially the reporting features. Reporting has been a huge timesaver for me specifically.”


Senior Creative Operations Manager

I really like being able to use the campaign feature. Being able to organize select projects for a specific campaign so that the copy and creative can be cohesive really helps save time and money.”


Project Manager

I think the most helpful part about Lytho is that all the requisite information is in one place. There is an easy way to contact/tag project members so they can see all the information at once.”


Graphic Designer

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