How much does Lytho cost? 

Lytho is a SaaS solution that is tailored to your needs. It's scalable and highly customizable with modules, user groups, and storage.
Before we can give you the exact price we would like to know more about you and your organisation.
Please feel free to reach out to us with your specific request, we will get in touch within one working day.

This is what we offer 

  • A customized brand center
  • An easy way to manage your assets
  • An Adobe Creative Cloud connected solution
  • A searchable library for your content

Pay for what you use


Lytho is fully configurable to your needs. You won’t be paying for functionalities you don’t use. That’s why the cost depends on the modules you include in your package. Here are the different components you can choose from: 

Number of users 

In order to achieve maximum brand consistency, everyone who sends out communications within your company needs to have access to the most up-to-date digital assets. How many people benefit from the solution in your company? Think of all your colleagues that have access to your digital assets internally (like your marketing and sales colleagues, for example) but also the external partners you have. One of the great benefits of Lytho is that you can securely and easily work on assets with external agencies and press offices - without them necessarily having user accounts in Lytho.  

User complexity 

Lytho supports different user levels to make sure you will always have control over your brand. The solution complexity and capacity, and thus price, also depend on what rights your users will have. Do they simply store and download images? Or do they also edit templates and collaborate on assets? 


Flexible storage allows you to utilize Lytho as the single source of truth for all your marketing and branding assets. Storage doesn’t only refer to the GBs in your package but the whole process behind your space like the speed and bandwidth you require. Our standard storage is plenty for many of our customers. However, some larger assets like 4k videos take up a lot of space quickly and you might need to upgrade

What is always included

#1 rated support 

Customer support is extremely important to you, and to us. All our customers have a personal Consultation Specialist who is an advisor and partner for your brand. Additionally, we offer 24/7 support for all our customers. For no additional charge. 

Solution updates 

We are constantly improving our solution to respond to our customer feedback and changing branding needs. We want to honor our core company value ‘Share the Good’ and implement improvements to Lytho for free to all our customers. 


Using locked templates safeguards your brand and allows you to scale design work. With Lytho, you don’t pay per template or per output. We believe that unleashing the creativity of your team should not cost you extra. Once you’ve chosen the right combination of modules in your solution, you are good to go.