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All our distributors are using our marketing content hub and we see improvement in the use of our brand guidelines. Very valuable!

Marjolein Hessing
Marketing Manager, Segway

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Segway is the manufacturer of self-balancing electric vehicles. Segway is best known for Segway PT which is popular in niche markets, such as transportation for police departments, military bases, warehouses, corporate campuses and industrial sites. Since 1,5 years, Segway is owned by Ninebot, a Chinese company that makes self-balancing electric vehicles aimed at people who want to go from A to B in a fun and efficient way. In 18 years, Segway has grown into a successful multinational and has built a strong brand. In June 2016, Segway opened a new EMEA office in Amsterdam.
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Opening the European headquarters in Amsterdam was the reason Segway started looking for a more efficient way to provide consistent marketing materials to Segway distributors. Without a central location for automated content, such as images and product information, there was a lack of control in managing marketing resources.
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“We faced a few issues before we decided to work with Lytho:

  • There was no central location for all marketing materials.
  • There aren’t enough resources at our office to send content to all distributors separately.
  • We needed an easy way to develop their marketing materials centrally, without using an external agency in every country.
  • We had little control. Everyone did their own thing without any brand consistency.
  • We needed to ensure everyone used the same brand guidelines.”
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"All of our distributors are using Lytho marketing content hub and we see improvement in the use of our brand guidelines. Very valuable!"

Segway distributors have on-demand access to automated content. Through Lytho's InDesign server, they can edit marketing materials in online templates. Not only does this controlled audit trail result in a strong and efficient workflow, it also ensures all marketing communications are consistent internationally, which enhances the brand's image.
Lytho's brand portal where Segway employees and distributors can find, edit and store digital assets is the single souce of truth. By using templates with automated content, distributors are able to design flyers, posters, spec sheets and other marketing materials in accordance with Segway’s corporate identity.
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