3 Ways Retail Companies Benefit from Creative Operations

Making the Creative Operations Case for Retail

We all love a little bit of shopping, don’t we? If only retail therapy was covered by health insurance! When we think about one of the most exciting aspects of retail, its variety is the first thing that comes to mind. Indeed, retail is an industry that needs to take a wide array of goods to market – and fast! From trendy clothing to home goods, and electronics to personal care products, the industry thrives on speed. As such, achieving the best delivery times and optimizing its creative operations are both paramount to success and profitability.

Retail assets come with a lot of variations for you to use in a plethora of promotional channels. Just thinking about all the social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok etc.) and asset types (banners, bus stop ads, large video screens, etc.) available can be mind-boggling. This is where a creative operations platform benefits you by taking care of the repetitive retail administration for you. Read on to discover the creative operations platform benefits for your retailer:

1. Quick and Reliable Creation, Storage and Distribution of Advertising Materials

Create templates to use for presentations, business cards, social media ads, brochures, landing pages, and more. With Lytho’s Create + Publish, your assets can be created and customized for your channels in record time! Once created, you can have them automatically tagged and stored in Brand Center. Then, you can share them with whoever you want whenever you want using Asset Management.

2. Fast and Detailed Rounds of Feedback on Creative Assets

There are always going to be more assets that require your feedback. With an ever-increasing workload, and rotating customer and store responsibilities, the time you have left for brand assets is indispensable. One of the top creative operations benefits for retail is that of rapid online proofing. Lytho’s Review and Approval tool lets you communicate which part of the asset you’re referring to, who feedback is for, and what’s needed.

3. Rapid Project Management to Improve Production Times

What does success look like when your business is performing to the best of its abilities? Find out with Lytho’s Creative Workflow Software. With it, you can create as detailed outlines for your projects as you like. Then, you can add the right collaborators to each task and assign deadlines and dependencies. When every project participant has a clear picture of what they need to do, you will get your assets created in no time!

Are you ready to streamline your Creative Operations?

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Future Creative Operations Retail Benefits

Perhaps the most significant aspect of our creative operations platform is its future forwardness. Our team here at Lytho is constantly updating and innovating the platform to meet and get ahead of creative needs and trends. In doing so, we ensure that our platform is always going to place our customers at the forefront of innovation in operations administration.

An increasing number of retailers are benefiting from Lytho’s creative operations platform. We can help you streamline your entire workflow and harmonize all brand collateral under a single, uniform platform. Feel free to reach out to us by scheduling a demo and learning how our creative solutions can boost the effectiveness of your creative projects. We look forward to speaking with you!