Lythopia: Five Awards Announced for Content Creation Excellence

At Lytho, we love to power the teams that power the brands. We do so with our brand and creative operations platform. And we gather inspiration by all the great work that goes into building those brands. At this year’s Lythopia we put the spotlight on those efforts by announcing five very special awards.


Change Management Champion

Changemanagement Prh

Michael Harney led the team at Penguin Random House to success during their Lytho Workflow implementation. And that’s no small task. The team used Lytho’s Review + Approval to work on book jackets and marketing materials for 800 books per year. “The customized reporting and Lytho’s flexibility has allowed us to decentralize project management and spread the work around.” Michael said.

Since launching, the team’s efforts have included complicated workflows. Some with up to 16 tiers of review from stakeholders. This level of change management can be daunting, so Michael created some short how-to videos. Michael said the win was an honor, and he credited the Lytho team for their “tremendous help.”



The Dreamer Dreamer Bigy

If you’ve been around Lytho long enough, you know we love getting feedback from our customers. We can’t always act on customer feedback immediately. Still, making sure to incorporate it in our efforts is one of our core tenets.

Big Y Foods, Inc., a large independently owned supermarket chain in New England, is an early adopter of Lytho’s features. It is a great collaborator and partner that always shares thoughtful, helpful feedback with our team. “Our team enjoys exploring the new system updates from Lytho” Kathryn Bunnell, Creative Projects Coordinator, said.

Big Y uses Lytho Workflow to organize every request that comes into the marketing department. They use Lytho Digital Asset Management (DAM) to store files, share assets with vendors and partners, and house brand guides. About the award, Kathryn said, “It’s nice to be recognized for our ever-evolving efforts to streamline and improve our processes. We make weekly changes to our forms and project templates with the goal of becoming more efficient.”



Well, That’s DAM Creative!

Dam Creative ArbordayWhile every single team we work with is creative, The Arbor Day Foundation team surprises us with their unique ideas.

They leveraged the Lytho Application Programming Interface (API) to great results. With it, they created an automated mechanism to populate content onto an interactive map. That map showcases the incredible work their members do every day. They tagged 7,500 assets before they uploaded them to our platform. This effort took an extraordinary amount of planning, internal organization, and (of course) creativity to achieve.





Biggest Glow Up

Glowup MoenMoen, a leading brand of faucets and fixtures, won the Biggest Glow Up Award. They are a team that has transformed their processes fearlessly and successfully. Since launching with Lytho Workflow, the Moen team have new process in place that they use to align stakeholders. Alicia Nicely, senior creative operations manager, said it was a thrill to win the award. She further added that they currently use Lytho to track, measure, record, and analyze.

One process that they transformed was in how they track and record reviews of physical, printed retail packages. Using custom fields and reporting, the process is now “a breeze.” Alicia said. “It is easy to find and share results, even when with a vendor. We can simply make a vendor report and share only their relevant information. The old way of sharing involved hours of copy/pasting into and out of spreadsheets. The new way is a report that I share with a vendor right in Lytho which updates in real-time as our reviewers record results.”



Best Content Outcomes

Bestcontentoutcomes UkThe University of Kentucky (UK) Women’s Basketball team sought to celebrate Rhyne Howard, a player who had been undervalued and overlooked, despite being named U.S. Basketball Writers Association Freshman of the year. The Creative Team at UK created a National Player of the Year campaign that highlighted Rhyne’s game. They also sought to provide her with the respect she deserved. Taking inspiration from a Billie Eilish song, “You Should See Me in a Crown,” the #CrownHer campaign was used Rhyne’s sophomore, junior and senior seasons to help promote her for All-America and national player of the year.

The campaign had multiple deliverables, including 10,000 limited edition posters and paper crowns for Rhyne’s senior day. They nicknamed it the “Rhyne Howard Day” across the Big Blue Nation fanbase. Lakia Bailey, creative lead on the campaign, said, “Lytho helped save a lot of time. There were many tasks created under this project that helped engage the stakeholders on feedback and additional submissions.”

The campaign’s compelling visuals and images were used throughout their social accounts. This included the UK athletic department’s website, which touted Rhyne’s latest accomplishments.

Campaign Results Announced during Lythopia

The #CrownHer campaign helped shine a light on Rhyne’s many honors, including three first-team All-America honors from multiple organizations. This is something no other player in UK program history has accomplished. She was a finalist for nearly every national player of the year award all three seasons. This cemented her as one of the best women’s college basketball players ever. The crowning achievement – pun intended – was the day UK was able to officially #CrownHer. Following her amazing four-year collegiate career, Howard entered the 2022 WNBA Draft and was the top selection. In addition to winning Lytho’s Best Content Outcomes award, Lakia considers the campaign a “tremendous success” overall. “Big Blue Nation really showed up for Howard’s last game in Memorial Coliseum. Fans wore their crowns all the way to the SEC Championship Final to help carry on this campaign.”

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