Lytho a Top Performer in Enterprise Project Management Software Category

Lytho Chosen as a Top Performer in Enterprise Project Management Software for 2023

Hooray! Today we are beyond excited and amazed to announce that Lytho has been recognized as a Top Performer in the Enterprise Project Management Software category in FeaturedCustomers’ Summer 2023 Customer Success Report! We are deeply thankful to FeaturedCustomers for honoring us with this recognition and to all our customers for your continued trust and we cannot wait to share all that we have in store for you in the coming period.

About the Customer Success Report Ranking Methodology

The FeaturedCustomers Customer Success ranking is based on data from their customer reference platform, market presence, web presence, and social presence. Additionally, they aggregate data from multiple online sources and media properties. Then, their ranking engine applies an algorithm to all data they have collected to calculate the final Customer Success Report rankings.

The overall Customer Success ranking is a weighted average based on three major components:

1. Content Score

  • Total # of vendor generated customer references (case
    studies, success stories, testimonials, and customer videos)
  • Customer reference rating score
  • Year-over-year change in amount of customer references on
    FeaturedCustomers platform
  • Total # of profile views on FeaturedCustomers platform
  • Total # of customer reference views on FeaturedCustomers

2. Market Presence Score

  • Social media followers including LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook
  • Vendor momentum based on web traffic and search trends
  • Organic SEO key term rankings
  • Company presence including # of press mentions

3. Company Score

  • Total # of employees (based on social media and public
  • Year-over-year change in # of employees over past 12
  • Glassdoor ranking
  • Venture capital raised

About the Enterprise Project Management Software Category

Enterprise project management (EPM) software offers organizations the features required to effectively manage all their projects at an enterprise grade. With this platform, companies can view projects strategically, permit executives to delegate resources to priority projects, and determine how various projects fit into their organizational objectives. The system empowers enterprises to streamline all related projects to facilitate maximum effectiveness. Leading EPM tools provide a range of modules including project portfolio management (PPM), file sharing, calendars, internal messaging, and more, which contribute to a company’s strategic business objectives.

You can read the full report here: FeaturedCustomers Summer 2023 Customer Success Report

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