Maximize ROI with Lytho's Resource Management Software

How to Improve ROI in 2023 by Leveraging Resource Management

As the saying goes drastic times call for drastic measures, but what if you could make your decisions easier for you and your team by investing in the most effective resource management software available instead? Read on to discover the benefits of resource management to your ROI.

ROI has become more important than ever – in times of massive tech layoffs and shrinking revenue, it is paramount that companies have the right tools that provide the utmost value. Couple this with the need for an extensive overhaul of operations that is long overdue, and you have yourself a perfect recipe for chaos – and there is a way to fix it. Lytho’s Resource Management software does just that. With it, you can easily streamline (cross-departmental) team collaboration to maximize your creative team’s ROI.

Check out the rest of this article for an effective framework you can use to streamline your creative operations with Lytho’s Resource Management software.

Effective Resource Management Framework

You may be asking yourselves ‘Great stuff but where do I even begin‘? And you are not alone in this! Even seasoned creative leaders may be at a loss as to where to start. Let the following questions guide you through your resource management optimization process:

1. What needs to be done first? (Priorities)
2. Are the team members I need available to do the work? (Availability)
3. Is our current workload distributed evenly across the team? (Workload)
4. Do I have the right skill sets on hand for upcoming projects? (Specialties)

We will help you answer these questions by leveraging the Resource Management suite of features in Lytho Workflow below:

1. Priorities: What Needs to Be Done First?

When the volume of work gets too high it can become difficult to know what teams should focus on first. In other words, how should you prioritize projects? The Priorities feature in Lytho Workflow’s Resource Management suite helps teams answer this question by building alignment with stakeholders on relative project priority and making it easy to communicate when priorities change. Priorities in Lytho offers extensive customization. Your team can go beyond “Low, Medium, High”. Rather, they can create as many custom color-coded statuses as they need.

Priorities in Project Templates

Set default priorities in your project templates to ensure accurate project prioritization. From the DETAILS section of your project template, click the drop-down menu below Priority and select the appropriate priority.

2. Availability: Are the Team Members I Need Available to Do the Work?

User Availability gives team members the ability to adjust their available time for specific days to accommodate specific scheduling requirements they may have. This makes it easy to assign work to people who can complete it on the desired timeline. By using the Availability feature in Lytho Workflow, team members can enter their name and select the day(s) desired. Once that is in the system, Workflow’s overview will display the time off – availability issues solved!

3. Workload: Is the Current Workload Distributed Evenly Across the Team?

Workload visualizes how much each team member has on their plate to help balance the workload across the team without overburdening any individual. It also informs you when you can add new projects to the team’s roster. If your team has no bandwidth for this month, new projects may have to wait.

To set a view, select + Add View to create a Custom View that you can return to or set as your Default View. Also, Workload views display all work that a user has permission to view. By applying additional filters, you can control what users can see. By default, Workload will show work items by count.


4. Specialties: Do I Have the Right Skill Sets on Hand for Upcoming Projects?

Specialties help assign the right people based on required skills individually or in bulk. First, you can identify the necessary skill sets needed for a project. Then, our tools will ensure you have the right team members available. This is especially important for projects that include animation or video production. You can easily edit the name of a Specialty by clicking into the name on your list view.

And this is just the beginning of Lytho’s resource management capabilities. Book your demo today and unlock the full suite of resource management tools that will turn resource management from a huge headache to the perfect opportunity to maximize ROI and prove your creative team’s value today!

We at Lytho help you streamline your entire workflow and harmonize all brand collateral under a single, uniform platform. Feel free to reach out to us by scheduling a demo and learning how our creative solutions can boost the effectiveness of your creative projects. We look forward to speaking with you!