7 Reasons a Creative Operations Mindset Leads to Success + Infographic

7 Reasons Why Using Creative Operations Is Crucial to Everyone’s Success

In 2023, securing a standardized and optimal workflow for your team has become a necessity. With the ever-changing demands and needs from creative and marketing professionals, adopting a Creative Operations mindset is crucial to your team’s continued success. Here are the benefits of doing so:

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1. You Standardize Processes to Benefit Your Team and Organization

The single most important benefit of using a Creative Operations platform is the standardization it brings. When you have your processes defined that well, your operations are bound to run smoother. And everyone benefits from it. Your team is more productive, and they run into fewer issues. That leads to less frustration, so your team can spend more time being creative. With standardized processes in place, your internal and external stakeholders can easily look for and request creative assets. Using tools that guide them through the request process, they can finally send complete requests that your creative team can make sense of and execute.

2. You Accelerate Your Processes

All time not spent on faulty processes, delays, and miscommunication is time saved. The more bottlenecks you remove, the smoother the creation process goes for your team. And the smoother the process is, the quicker your team can produce magnificent work. Simple, right? Well, it can be when you allow a Creative Operations platform to take care of bottlenecks for you. Your team yields creative work faster and your organization’s creative capacity can improve!

3. You Improve How People in Your Organization Communicate

And you significantly reduce the amount of project time your organization wastes because of miscommunication. Say goodbye to setting and forgetting projects and failing to provide or receive access and resources. Avoid prolonged feedback cycles by giving and receiving better quality feedback. Set automatic reminders for key stakeholders to receive their input in a timely manner. And reduce internal conflict, reworks, and overdue work with a progress tracking system built to prevent bottlenecks.

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4. You Increase How Often People in Your Organization Collaborate

Or you ignite a culture of collaboration within it for the first time. Either way, the more collaborative the approach of your organization is, the better the content results will be. Your people can easily give each other feedback and support each other’s efforts in every step of your project’s life. And the data agrees – Salesforce reports that 86% of executives agree that ineffective collaboration causes major failures. So, make the choice to be on the winning side – use Creative Operations to collaborate more!

5. You Help Your Customers Communicate Their Needs to You

By adopting a Creative Operations platform, you can create the right content request processes for internal and external use. This is also how you can ensure that you have captured all the creative nuances of your customer’s request. By giving them the right tools that will allow for a comprehensive feedback cycle, your team and customers can finally get to the very granular details of every facet of their request. This is what we call a win-win!

6. You Help Your Customers Collaborate More Effectively

The Creative Operations mindset is about having the right processes for internal and external stakeholders. Help your customers benefit greatly from streamlining their communication and collaboration channels. Imagine they tell you they completed a project with another client without running into any misunderstandings or delays. Their work got delivered on time. At any point, constructive feedback made it to the right people. Assets took way less time to create through custom templates. And their project outcomes are delivered to their stakeholders just like that.

7. You Can Make the Best Future Decisions Using the Right Metrics

One of the benefits of adopting a Creative Operations platform is the access to a sea of data to inform your future decisions. A few examples of metrics to track may include volume of deliverables shared, # of requests completed on time, and increase/decrease of overall project duration, to name but a few. You can now see what content works and what does not and share that feedback with your team. By having them regularly incorporate actionable feedback to their creative processes, you kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, you give your creative or marketing team what they need the most and get the least of – constructive feedback. And then, you are also helping them maximize the quality of their creative output by making better, data-supported creative decisions.

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