Brand Center

Core of your brand

The Brand Center is a living library to the core of your brand. Think of it as the single source of truth where all your colleagues and partners can find up-to-date information on your brand identity. For example, how they should use your brand, what your brand stands for, what your purpose is and what you are working towards.

The Brand Center is also a handbook to your brand’s style and visual image. It stores all your fonts, logos, visuals, ToV, colors, and other elements that form your brand's DNA. Your Brand Center is easy to customize to fit both your branding and your needs and it's even easier to use.

Easy to find, up to date
A clear, well-structured library to host your branding files and directions takes away all room for error. No more confusion with duplicate information and no more accidental use of your old brand.

Brand managers can customize and configure the Brand Center as easily as if it were a website.

Right information for the right people
If your company has multiple brands under one roof, you can store all your identities in one location. Manage user access so that it's easy for different colleagues to find just the right information for them. 

Brand Center

Brand Center

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