Brand Center

Core of your brand

Your Brand Center is the core of your brand. It’s where you can find everything that makes up your brand’s identity: a digital style guide, logo specifications, tagline usage, color palette, you name it. Your Brand Center is easy to customize and even easier to use.

Consolidated information
A clear, well-structured place to put your branding files takes away a lot of room for error.

Brand managers can customize and configure the brand center as if it were a website.

Easy to use
It makes your brand identity information easily accessible to the people who need it.

Online Brandmanager Tool Images Fonts Video Assets
Customize your portal with your Brand
Brandguide Online Tool Brandmanager
Create your Brand styleguide in Lytho
Branding Corporate Online Assets BrandManager Tool
Customize with your Brand logos and colors
Lytho Asset Manager Online

Download your assets right away

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