Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx Score with a 20% Reduction in Administrative Tasks

Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx

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Before Lytho, the creative team for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx had a complex, manual process for creative projects. Their stakeholders had to email designers with requests directly. “And that email chain would go on for days, with the designer trying to figure out what they wanted,” said Courtney Brown, Creative Projects Manager.

Then there were complications with review and approval. Interestingly, creative would go directly to the stakeholders for approval without marketing signing off first. Consequently, they had to get back to the sponsors once marketing was able to review. As a result, Courtney added, “It made it look like we weren’t communicating.”

Digging deeper, they identified three areas where there were opportunities for improvement: Poor visibility for stakeholders coupled with a lack of collaboration at project kickoff, and too many rush projects and rounds of review.


To improve project kickoff and transparency, the team first defined six different project tiers. They ranged from complex multi-channel campaigns to quicker promotional content. Then, they used a matrix to define the criteria for each tier, giving stakeholders visibility into their project’s tier classification. “We’re able to say how many stakeholders will be involved, how many assets are being produced, what alignment is needed, whether a brief is required, and what kind of communication there will be with senior leadership.”

For further transparency, each tier also has a specified timeline based on number of stages required. “The reason we did this,” Courtney explained, “is because we wanted people to understand why we’re putting these kinds of total timelines on our projects.”

Also, the organization has addressed concerns around rush projects using Lytho’s reporting capabilities. “When we see one department having many rush projects, we have a conversation to find out how we can improve collaboration,” Courtney said.


With Lytho, stakeholders can now keep an eye on the status of their projects. At the same time, designers have a dashboard to help them focus on their due dates. The result? Less time spent on repetitive administrative tasks for all!

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