Purdue for Life Builds a Solid Foundation with Lytho

Purdue for Life Foundation

Company: An Indiana-based organization dedicated to helping the people who love Purdue University “stay connected, get involved, and give back.”



When marketing and communications from Purdue Alumni and the University Development Office merged into the Purdue for Life Foundation, it brought together different work processes that were homegrown and very manual.

“We used to print out PDFs and walk them down the hall with a highlighter and pen. In this day and age, we couldn’t survive working like that,” said Emily Blake, director of project management.

In addition to working with new departments, they added more staff. Plus, the merger also brought in a new client base, which amplified the urgency to define better workflow processes.


With Lytho, the MarCom team has made their processes more efficient, enabling them to handle more work and complete it on time. All that while maintaining the high quality their stakeholders have come to expect.

They are now able to see improvements to their creative workflow in three key areas:

  • Proofing – Review + Approval transformed the team’s entire review process, helping them get higher-quality feedback, faster. With in-text comments, the team could see each other’s feedback, and the designer’s experience improved. Also, stakeholders have a better experience, since they can view the current version together with prior versions. In turn, this helps them verify the correct application of their feedback.
  • Tracking – “Reporting on volume is really eye-opening. We use it to help us establish priorities or even cut work that isn’t a priority,” Emily said.
  • Project Templates – “If you have similar projects, a template is so helpful to get started quickly, and you can always duplicate existing templates and modify them if you need different versions.”


Lytho has helped the Purdue MarCom team to streamline their work on webinars, virtual conferences, emails, campus signage, student engagement support, a digital magazine, and more. And Emily appreciates how it “keeps everyone on the same page.” She said, “I can change a due date or an assignment, and the system notifies everyone that needs to know. Now, our process is transparent and communication is a breeze.”

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