Texas Roadhouse

Company: Texas Roadhouse, a US-based steakhouse chain

Size: Three brands (Texas Roadhouse, Bubba’s, and Jaggers) across over 623 locations with more than 68,000 employees



Lytho | Texas Roadhouse

Video Length: 4:22


Texas Roadhouse’s design request process was very manual and time-consuming. A traffic manager would manually input requests, assign them to designers, and track their progress, leading to errors and bottlenecks. They struggled to manage their incoming requests and brand assets. They needed a solution to streamline their processes.


Lytho has been a game-changer for Texas Roadhouse.The request portal allows anyone in the company to submit requests and track their progress. The traffic manager can now communicate with designers and stakeholders directly through the platform. This has saved time, reduced errors, and improved transparency.

Lytho’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) system has also been a big help. It allows designers to easily find and download the assets they need, even when working remotely. The public relations and communications team can also use the DAM to crop and resize images for their needs.




Today, Texas Roadhouse has improved accuracy and increased transparency within their design process. They have sped up their time to market and reduced errors across their processes. They have also achieved great brand consistency across their three brands using Lytho DAM.

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