Chaos Managed: How Sheetz Thrives in High Traffic

Chaos Managed: How Sheetz Thrives in High Traffic

Video Length: 1:03:00

About this webinar


Trends move FAST and staying current can mean you need to execute with little to no notice. So how do you stay on top of already tight deadlines while also having the resources for ad-hoc projects?


Watch Lauren Gearhart, Brand Design Project Manager at Sheetz, as she walked us through how Sheetz has optimized their creative operations to maximize output. She dove into how they do this while maintaining quality, preventing burnout, and proving her team’s value in such a fast moving environment.


What was discussed:

  • How to forecast demands and understand resource capacity
  • Resource management tactics that can ease your designer’s workload
  • Reports you need to both optimize and prove value

Meet the Speakers

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Lauren Gearhart

Brand Design Project Manager, Sheetz

In the world of crafting and implementing highly-effective creative solutions as a project manager, Lauren’s playing on expert-mode. Currently working with Sheetz, she is a people-person with a passion for processes. Lauren ensures her teams have both tools and resources, ultimately delivering successful and profitable projects for clients. Her professional background is in graphic design and creative/production management. With an affinity for technicalities and the detail-oriented side of the business, Lauren has become the go-to wealth of knowledge on her team.




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Nik Nepomuceno

Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Lytho

With over 10 years of experience, Nik uses his outgoing personality and ability to thrive under pressure to help customers in a wide variety of industries. Since arriving at Lytho a year and half ago, Nik has been able to quickly build deep connections with creative teams and uses his mix of problem-solving skills and creativity to become a true strategic partner to his customers. During his spare time Nik loves trying new restaurants and spending time with his wife, pup, and kitten.

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