Create Stories that Stick: Content that Drives Decisions

Create Stories that Stick: How to Build the Right Content that Drives Decisions

Video Length: 57:40

About the Webinar:

Stories and content are the most powerful means of persuasion to create and share. They give data shape and bring it to life, conveying culture, experiences, and values. To improve the performance of your content, prove its value, and deliver tailored content experiences that drive meaningful results for your brand, you need to unify and align your teams around a shared set of content performance indicators.

Join us along with special guest David Cardiel, Head of Marketing of both and WordPress VIP. He walks us through several ways to tell a story in order to understand your audience, inform your strategy and focus on value creation.

You will learn:

  • How to determine the right performance indicators for your creative briefs
  • Ways to use analytics to improve the performance of your content and ultimately campaigns
  • Tips for leveraging data to improve content across the buyer’s journey