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Storytelling through Content: Building a Compelling Narrative

Video Length: 59:24

About the Webinar:

Creating a comprehensive marketing campaign requires content for a variety of differing platforms. But how do you pick the right channels to pique Gen Z’s interest, and how do you ensure that your brand is consistent across a range of content?

Glacier and Lytho join forces to host a webinar to answer all of your content questions! We take you on a journey to explain what digital touchpoints resonate with Gen Z and how to best organize your content internally. We tackle why storytelling is so important and a growing topic of discussion in the creative industry.

Who is Glacier?

Glacier is a leading digital marketing agency in North America focusing exclusively on helping higher education institutions with their enrolment goals. We offer a vast range of digital marketing services and also have a high school advertising network. Higher education institutions can advertise directly to students in Glacier’s partner high schools via vinyl ads, digital screens or both!

Get caught up on Marketing for Higher Education!

Meet the Speakers

John Reid

President, Glacier

John Reid is president of Glacier, a youth marketing agency that specializes in higher education. He has been growing Glacier’s presence in both Canada and the US for many years, and uses his expertise to help colleges and universities run successful campaigns and achieve their enrolment goals, primarily focusing on driving additional website traffic or lead generation. He is a specialist in Gen Z advertising.



Sarah Tinsley

Product Marketing Manager, Lytho

Sarah, a former Lytho customer, has over 10 years of marketing and communications experience. A previous creative manager and graphic designer, she is now unpacking the intricacies of our industry to develop and deploy products that help creative teams deliver the best content outcomes by quieting the chaos that threatens imagination. She holds a bachelor’s degree in speech communications and a master’s degree in sport management, both from Baylor University.

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