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Our brand management solution consists of four modules designed to make sharing, creating, controlling and publishing content easy and efficient.

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Brand Center

The Brand Center contains the core of your brand. Think of it as the single source of truth where all your colleagues and partners can find up-to-date information on your brand identity. For example, how they should use your brand, what your brand stands for, what your purpose is and what you are working towards.

The Brand Center is also where your brand’s style and visual image lives. It stores all your fonts, logos, visuals, ToV, colors, and other elements that form your brand's DNA.

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Digital Asset Management (DAM)

A DAM is an advanced searchable library that has been designed for organization’s with hundreds of marketing, sales, branding, and other digital assets. Lytho's Digital Asset Management solution is praised as the most user-friendly DAM on the market by customers around the world.

A DAM makes storing, finding and sharing images, videos and other content up to 70% faster. You can work and share both with internal colleagues as well as external partners.

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Create & Publish

This feature allows you to create and publish branded content directly from your asset storage solution without any design skills. No need to upload and download different versions to edit or create material, why not just do everything from one system!

Create & Publish is fully integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud which ensures high quality output and professional results.

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Workflow Management

Workflow Management enables you to keep full control of your brand while increasing collaboration and efficiency. Optimized workflows ensure that no content is published without being on-brand. With this feature, you can request, review, and approve content straight from the source.

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